Baby Elsa

Baby Elsa Room Cleaning

Baby Elsa Room Cleaning

Elsa the cute baby needs your assistance and help. Her bedroom looks messy and awkward. The whole bedroom needs a spring cleaning. Collect the waste items and place them in the garbage. Collect the cloths and put them in the laundry basket. Rearrange things and place them where they are supposed to be. Wipe the floor if it is required....
Baby Elsa Birthday Party Cleaning

Baby Elsa Birthday Party Cleaning

Just now the birthday party of Elsa got over. The family members of the princess are busy conversing with the relatives. Clean the place neat and tidy. Pick up the waste things in the garbage. You will be appreciated if you complete cleaning the place before the time runs out. Baby Elsa will be very much obliged to you. Have a good...
Baby Elsa Kitten Room Cleaning

Baby Elsa Kitten Room Cleaning

Elsa, your neighbor is busy right now. She is getting ready for the New Year celebration. Cleaning the rooms and decoration are over. The only work left is cleaning the room of the pet kitten. She needs you to be with her. Give her a piece of idea as to how to clean the room. Bring back the elegance of it with your magical touch. Arrange...
Elsa Modern Mommy

Elsa Modern Mommy

All the kids are very enthusiastic because of their first days of school and baby Elsa is one of those kids. She is in her first year of school and she has a lot of emotions, so Elsa will go with her in the first days. All of us know that Elsa is one of the most famous Disney Princesses so she should be a modern mommy for baby Elsa.
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  • Baby Elsa Forest Trip

    Baby Elsa Forest Trip

    Your favorite Frozen princes Elsa decided to bring her daughter from the Frozen Castle in the Amazon jungle. Why she decided it? Because she wants that her daughter meet all the wild animals. Do you think that you can help baby Elsa recognize and then feed the wild animals?
    Have fun and obtain a great score in this new Baby Elsa...