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Sofia Cooking Cake Batter Ice Cream

Açıklama : Today is a graduation day for Caroline. She is the topper in the class. The parents of the girl are almost speechless. The professors of the girl were almost eulogized the candidate for her hard work and for her perseverance throughout the years. Therefore, the siblings of the Sofia have arranged for a party. The people are in the fond of ice cream. They had bought ice creams in abundance. In spite of that there is a shortage of ice cream. The family doesn’t know what to do. You can do only one thing to satisfy the guests. Go to the kitchen and prepare the ice cream. You help is very much needed for the family and for the girl. Sofia won’t tax you much. Just be with her and help her out. We shall name the ice cream as Sofia’s cake batter ice cream. For, today is her day.

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