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Super Barbie BBQ Chicken Pizza

Açıklama : Super Barbie is going to prepare chicken pizza for her beloved Aunt Mary. She has come all the way to visit Barbie. Now, our girl wants to surprise her aunt with her aunt’s favourite chicken pizza. It would be impossible without you. You help the poor girl. Be with her in the kitchen and prepare delicious pizza for Mary. Follow the instructions to make the pizza attractive and palatable. You can converse with the girl if you want to. She would be very elated, if you do things as soon as possible. She is eagerly waiting for you since morning. Share your suggestions in the kitchen so that you can make BBQ chicken pizza tasty. Thank you for helping the girl.

Kategori : Kız Oyunları
Ekleme Tarihi: 28.10.2015 - 12:46
Developer: Anakids

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