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Barbie Cooking Sunrise Pizza

Açıklama : Hi! It's me Barbie. I have been working since morning. Now I am all set to prepare sunrise pizza which is the favourite of my parents. They have gone to the market to buy vegetables. Hurry up! The relatives of the girl are on the way to the abode. She wants to surprise them with the hot delicious pizza. Help the girl cook the delicious pizza. Be with the girl until you are done with the cooking. This is going to be the happiest moment for Barbie as she is going to see the kith and kin after a long time. Only you can make sustain her joy through helping her. Follow the instructions to make the pizza tasty. Thank you for helping Barbie.

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Ekleme Tarihi: 16.09.2015 - 08:33
Developer: Anakids

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