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Princess Pets Doll House Decor

Açıklama : Princess Alice is fond of pets. So, whoever comes to visit her, would present an adorable pet to her. Thus, her room is filled with innumerable pets. For the pets, she has constructed a ravishing doll house. It requires interior decoration. You have been summoned by the king of your country. Contribute something to your country by decorating the doll house. You have all the required decorative items. Make use of them to the full. Alice the princess will be with you until you complete the task. Add more beauty and elegance to the house. The beauty of the doll house lies in your hands. At the end you will paid through your nose for your strenuous effort.

Kategori : Kız Oyunları
Ekleme Tarihi: 18.08.2015 - 08:21
Developer: Anakids

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