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Barbie Cooking Spicy Indian Pizza

Açıklama : The granny of Barbie is coming to the house this afternoon. She doesn’t know how to please her. All of a sudden, the idea of cooking pizza dawned on her mind. In particular, the granny of Barbie is fond of Indian pizza. She cannot prepare the pizza all alone. On the other hand, the mom of the girl has gone to pick up her mom. Prepare delicious Indian spicy pizza before they arrive. Follow the instructions to make the pizza tastier. We are pretty sure that you will come up with a delicious pizza. Barbie is very thankful to your service. She wishes that you could join them for lunch. Together, let us surprise the granny of the girl.

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Ekleme Tarihi: 17.07.2015 - 09:40
Developer: Anakids

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