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Draculaura Messy Room Cleaning

Açıklama : Dracula, the mom of Draculaura has assigned many tasks to her. Though today is a holiday, the time table is very hectic for the lass. Besides this, Clawd, the boyfriend of Draculaura is upset with her. He said to her ‘’ these days you are not spending time with me. Now, don’t give me any excuse, come on we shall go for shopping’’. She has many works to be completed. One among them is cleaning the room. If the room is not clean when father returns, he will scold the girl thoroughly. Sarah, the mom of Draculaura has gone out to buy vegetables. Clean the room along with the girl. So that she can clean the room fast. Keep the room spick and span. We shall believe that she will have a good time with her boyfriend. For, the girl didn’t go out for many days. Let them have fun. Come lets clean up the messy room.

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Ekleme Tarihi: 01.07.2015 - 09:44
Developer: Anakids

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