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Howleen Wolf Room Decor

Açıklama : Howleen, the daughter of the werewolf always takes legitimate pride being the youngest child in the family. Though she does everything on her own she can hardly decide on her fashions in terms of choosing the outfit that suits her complexion and appearance. She has brought a new flat at the centre of the city. It is time to adorn the room with the pictures and furniture. Though she has everything she wants, yet she is need of your help. You are aware of her limitations. Why don’t you lend your hand to the girl? She will be with you until you complete the decoration. Have a look the room before embellishing it with the things. Drag things and place them in an appropriate order. When the task is over, join the family for dinner. The will speak of your generous heart to the family. Thanks for the help.

Kategori : Kız Oyunları
Ekleme Tarihi: 18.06.2015 - 08:24
Developer: Anakids

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