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Elsa And Jack Special Reuben Pizza

Açıklama : Elsa is the fiancée of Jack. Both of them are going to get married soon. The parents of Elsa have invited him for lunch. He is with Elsa now. They have planned to make the parents happy. And they are going to prepare Reuben pizza which is their favourite. Without your help it is impossible for them to accomplish the plan. Give them a helping hand. Only a few minutes left for lunch. Prepare the pizza swiftly. The ingredients for making the delicious pizza are ready. Put your heads together in order to make a mouth watering yummy pizza. The parents of Elsa are in the market. Complete cooking before they come. Follow the instructions to make the pizza tasty. Elsa would be very pleased if you join them for lunch. Let the pizza speak of your extensive experience in cooking.

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Ekleme Tarihi: 17.06.2015 - 11:48
Developer: Anakids

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