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Raven Queen Rolled Sugar Cookies

Açıklama : The mother of Raven Queen is an evil woman. Despite, the girl wants to be friendly and do something good to the society. She completed her studies successfully. Now, the family has planned to go for a tour. The family has a tradition. That is, whenever they rejoice over anything they prepare some sweets and would share them with the neighbours. The girl is mentally and physically ready to prepare rolled sugar cookies. She presumes that you will help her in the kitchen. Make the assumption real so that you can become very closer to Raven Queen. Besides, she will give the boon of being young forever. Raven Queen is in the kitchen now. Helping her you will be in the good books of the lady. On the other hand you will learn to bake the delicious rolled sugar cookies. Be with the family until distributing the cookies to the near and dear ones.

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Ekleme Tarihi: 10.06.2015 - 08:58
Developer: Anakids

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