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Rapunzel Cooking Chocolate Velvet Ice Cream

Açıklama : Rapunzel married the prince she was in love with. They have a cute child named Alice. She is fond of ice creams. Tomorrow is the birthday of her. She has asked for Chocolate velvet ice cream. She loves when her mom makes the ice cream. So, Rapunzel is going to prepare the ice cream. You be with the princess until she completes the task. You are privileged to enter the kitchen. So far nobody has entered. She has given you an opportunity to be part of the royal family. Make use of the chance. Be humble to the princess. After you are done with the ice cream, she will give you whatever you want. Have a look at the kitchen. This is the largest kitchen in the dynasty. So many have longed to be part of the royal family but they couldn’t impress the king. Make the birthday baby happy with your magical touch. Just do whatever Rapunzel asks of you.

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Developer: Anakids

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