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Design beautiful princess costume

Açıklama : The princes is a very beautiful and famous star in her country. She likes singing and dancing, and often participates big performances. So she has a lots of costumes which are designed by some famous designers. But she still wants some new style costumes. Girls, I know you are a perfect costume designer. Can you help the princess design costumes? Come on! First, you should measure her shoulder breadth,bust,waistline,hip circumferenceand so on. Then, buy some different cloth and using the best cloth her likes. Before sewing, you should cut the cloth. Then using the sewing machine sew the party of costume easily. Finally, help her dress up. You will see a very beautiful girl. If you have many design ideas, you can replay the girl game and help Desi design some different style costumes. Come on!
Controls:Use your mouse to play.

Kategori : Manken Oyunları
Ekleme Tarihi: 19.04.2015 - 13:01
Developer: Oyun

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