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Barbie Winx Club Style Makeover

Açıklama : Barbie would be leaving for a party this evening. She will be in your beauty parlour in a few minutes. Add more beauty to her with your facial, makeover and dress up. She would be very happy if you adorn her with the style of winx club. Barbie is very much impressed by the style of the winx club members. First of all, you begin with the facial and then decorate her with the makeover and at the end dress her up with the trendy clothes. Everyone in the family has gone to different beauty parlours. Let your decoration on the girl speak of the greatness of your saloon. Thank you so much for embellishing Barbie with your makeover. You, the beautician of Barbie choose what suits her.

Kategori : Barbie Oyunları
Ekleme Tarihi: 06.07.2016 - 09:26
Developer: Anakids

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