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Hello Kitty Car Wash And Repair

Açıklama : Hello kitty is going to wash the car after a long time. She would be very much elated if you join the girl. It seems that it has been either washed or wiped since two months. She had much more important works than this. Today onwards she would be free. After washing the car repair it. Examine the car. If it requires anything do with with care. She will be very happy for helping her. Use washing powder while cleaning the car. And rinse it off water. You will be greatly appreciated if you clean the car neat and tidy. At the end, if anything has to be rectified please complete what is needed. Thank you so much for helping hello kitty.

Kategori : Kız Oyunları
Ekleme Tarihi: 04.04.2016 - 10:09
Developer: Anakids

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