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Tinkerbell Polka Dots Bedroom

Açıklama : Tinkerbell is in love with polka dots. Whenever she goes for shopping she would buy a dress that has polka dots. The father of the girl has renovated her room with the latest polka dots design. She is going to rearrange everything now. Help the girl decorate the room in an elegant manner. You have the decorative things in abundance. Make use of them to the full. On the other hand, today is the birthday of Tinkerbell. And the father of the girl would be very much elated if the girl is pleased with your interior makeover. Complete adorning the house before the girl arrives. Thank you so much for being with us and helping the family.

Kategori : Dekorasyon Oyunları
Ekleme Tarihi: 29.03.2016 - 15:58
Developer: Anakids

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