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Frozen Princess Hair Salon

Açıklama : Today you are going to help the owner of the salon. Elsa is the one who owns the salon. Today she has a get together in the kingdom. Her presence is mandatory. She is done with everyone. You have the last customer in the shop. You do the makeover. First of all trim the hair and wash the hair thoroughly with water. You have the required cosmetics in the shop. Having them give a grand look to the girl. You will be appreciated if she is happy with your makeover. Adorn the girl with the contemporary dresses. Know the taste of the girl before adorning her. Whatever suits her best, embellish her with that. She is going for the party which going to take place in the frozen kingdom. We are very much obliged to you.

Kategori : Makyaj Oyunları
Ekleme Tarihi: 05.02.2016 - 08:08
Developer: Anakids

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