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Monsterhigh Dining Room Cleaning

Açıklama : Yesterday the relatives of Monster High dined at the table and the place is an awkward condition now. Since they are all uncivilized we can't expect decorum from them. Now it is time for the parents of Monster High to have meals. They will get angry if they see the unclean dinning room. Help the girl clean the room before her parents arrive. Complete cleaning up the place before the time runs out. Put the waste items in the garbage. She will thankful to your help forever. Give a spring cleaning to the place. Wipe tte floor if it is required. Now go and clean the place. Hurry now!

Kategori : Dekorasyon Oyunları
Ekleme Tarihi: 08.01.2016 - 08:43
Developer: Anakids

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